By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Over the course of the past year, people in Israel visited the Camp Gray website more times than people in Hawaii. In the last 12 months, the Camp Gray website received visits from people in 262 towns in Wisconsin and 144 towns in Brazil. During the past 365 days, 167 people in Georgia visited the website while only one person in Georgia visited the site.

On December 6th, the current edition of the Camp Gray website turned 3-years old. THREE!

Two years ago, when the Camp Gray website celebrated its first birthday, I wrote the Inaugural “By the Numbers” post, and of course last year, because I’m fond of traditions (I am Catholic, after all), I wrote the 2nd Annual “By the Numbers” post.

That's right, George and Nash, this is "By the Numbers" Part Trois!

That’s right, Nash and George, this is the 3rd Annual “By the Numbers” post!

So, this year, you guessed it, we’re throwing the 3rd annual “By the Numbers” post your way.

This annual post is chock-full of numbers and percentages and loads of fun. Why do I find so much enjoyment in posting the reach and popularity of the Camp Gray website? Well friend, it’s because while chances are you are reading this post in Wisconsin (68% of all visits), and it’s even more likely that you’re reading it in the USA (95% of all visits) – there are many hundreds of others viewing elsewhere (Austria, Qatar, Uganda, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, oh my!). During our websites 3rd year of existence, visitors came from all 50 states and 107 countries. During the past year, our website had 52,761 visitors with 153,861 pageviews! We’re blessed to have such a far-reaching Camp Gray community – and we’re abundantly grateful for your support (yes, even yours – the one fellow that visited our site in Azerbaijan!).

Without further adieu, I give you some fun and interesting tidbits (and numbers!) regarding the 3rd year of the Camp Gray website.

5 Most Visited Pages (number of pageviews):
1. Off at Camp (30,424)
2. Summer Camp Session Chart (13,211)
3. Summer Camp (6,109)
4. Registration (4,615)
5. Summer Camp FAQ (3,740)

The ‘Summer Camp FAQ’ page overtakes the ‘Summer Programs’ page for the fifth spot in the Top 5! The others in the Top 5 stayed the same compared to last year!

They're setting sail to visit each country that had visitors to the CG website!

They’re setting sail to visit each country that had visitors to the CG website! It’ll be a slow trip…

5 Most Popular Domestic Viewing Locations (number of views / % of views)
1. Wisconsin (35,843 / 68%)
2. Illinois (4,188 / 8%)
3. Minnesota (1,038 / 2%)
4. Iowa (980 / 1.8%)
5. Kansas (756 / 1.4%)

Congrats to Iowa and Kansas! Both are new states in the Top 5 – they knocked out last year’s Top 5 states Michigan and New York!

5 Least Popular Domestic Viewing Locations (number of views)
1. Hawaii (7)
2. Vermont (17)
3. Rhode Island (18)
4. Idaho (21)
5. Utah (24)

At least they’re consistent: Hawaii and Vermont are in the “Bottom 5” for the 3rd year in a row! Congratulations Hawaii and Vermont!

5 Most Popular International Viewing Locations (number of views)
1. Brazil (184)
2. United Kingdom (136)
3. Canada (131)
4. Spain (112)
5. Italy (108)

A Cinderella story, Brazil came from nowhere to not only crack the Top 5, but to climb all the way to NUMBER ONE! Congratulations to our friends in Brazil! If you’re one of our loyal Brazilian fans, please let us know how you discovered Camp Gray!

Camp Gray is WORLDWIDE!

Camp Gray is WORLDWIDE! Click this image to enlarge.

IMHO, 5 Most Interesting International Viewing Locations (number of views)
1. Israel (8)
2. Kosovo (1)
3. Georgia (1)
4. Qatar (2)
5. El Salvador (4)

Take a look at the map on the right – we’re thrilled to have received visitors from every continent on earth except for Antarctica!

Top 5 Most Popular Blogs (number of views)
1. Lessons Learned at Camp Gray (600)
2. A SaLT of the Earth Family (431)
3. 2013 Year-in-Review (429)
4. Smell That Rose (357)
5. Tuesdays with Topher Mailbag #3 (325)

Thanks for reading our ramblings! We love telling stories about Camp Gray!

Again, we thank you for visiting the Camp Gray website. We also thank you immensely for helping to spread the word about Camp Gray (to all 50 states and 107 countries!).  It’s because of you that Summer Camp registrations are up 201% compared to last year at this time!

Lastly, be sure to come on back next week to read the final Tuesdays with Topher post of 2014.

2014 has been an incredibly awesome year at Camp Gray, and it’ll be my honor to spend some time writing 400-4,000 words summarizing and celebrating the greatness that was 2014. (Also, bonus, next week’s post will include a sweet new Christmas-themed Camp Gray Film!)