By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

As you probably know, Camp Gray is a part of the Diocese of Madison, WI.

What you may not know is that Camp Gray has a reach that is exponentially greater than the 8,070 square miles of our Diocese.

On December 6th, the current edition of the Camp Gray website celebrated it’s very first birthday. Thanks to the powers of Google Analytics, we’re able to look back on the last year to see several things. First off, we’re able to see how many visitors our website had in the past year (47,121), how many page views our site enjoyed (160,620), from where people are viewing the website (all 50 states and 90 different countries), and we can look to see which pages are the most popular (the “Off at Camp” page was far and away the most popular page.)

Here’s another number: 1,200 campers leave Camp Gray every summer with a large smile on their face!

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “Self, this is boring already, Tuesdays with Topher should be filled with stories of triumph, epicness, and excitement – not numbers and analytics.“

Well… yes, I agree. But wait, don’t give up on me, yet. The reason I wanted to write about all of these numbers is because I want to thank you. Yes, YOU. Thank you for visiting our website, for reading our blogs, for registering your campers, and for stopping by the wish list page. Thank you for emailing your friends about our Summer Camp, for sharing our blogs on your facebook page, and for tweeting about next year’s 60th Anniversary blowouts.

We really can’t stress it enough: it is because of you – because you help us to spread the word about Camp Gray – that we continue to thrive. Whether you are from Madison (the city which had the most visits), or you’re the one fellow that visited our website last year from Saudi Arabia, we thank you.

So, without further adieu, I present to you some interesting details about the whirlwind of a year the Camp Gray website experienced in his first year!

The more views, the darker the green – look at our international presence! 90 countries is impressive, but let’s shoot for 125 during the next year! (tell your friends in Africa about Camp Gray!)

5 Most Visited Pages:
1. Off at Camp – 21,022 views
2. Session Chart– 9,446 views
3. Summer Camp – 6,273 views
4. Registration – 5,771 views
5. Summer Programs – 3,531 views

5 Most Popular Viewing Locations (Domestic)

1. Wisconsin – 31,789 visits (67% of all visits)
2. Illinois – 4,201 visits (9% of all visits)
3. Minnesota – 1,148 visits (2.5% of all)
4. New York – 654 visits (1.4% of all visits)
5. California – 615 visits (1.3% of all visits)

5 Least Popular Viewing Locations (Domestic)
1. West Virginia – 10 total visits
2. Vermont – 12 total visits
3. Mississippi – 12 total visits
4. Hawaii – 13 total visits
5. Delaware – 14 total visits

Interestingly, more folks tuned in to the CG website from the following countries than from the previous five states combined. If you have friends/family living in the aforementioned states, please tell them about us!

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your support of Camp Gray. These boys REALLY, REALLY appreciate your support!

5 Most Popular Viewing Locations (International)
1. UK – 116 visits
2. Spain – 99 visits
3. Italy – 91 visits (Benny is checking in on us!)
4. Canada – 85 visits
5. Germany – 79 visits

5 Most Interesting International Viewing Locations (IMHO)

1. South Korea – 15 visits
2. China – 13 visits
3. Malaysia – 11 visits
4. South Africa – 3 visits
5. Saudi Arabia – 1 visit

Top 5 Most Popular BLOGS
1. People of Hope – 784 views
2. The Camp Gray Experience – 722 views
3. Summer is Upon Us – 701 views
4. What’s in a Name – 619 views
5. The Pizza Man and The Chef – 613 views

Again, we thank you for visiting our website and for helping to spread the word about Camp Gray (to all 50 states and 90 countries!).


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