The 2019 Summer Camp Session Chart is Here! 

Read this page for information on our Summer 2019 sessions. Prices will be coming soon!

When is Registration?

Registration for returning families (and those on the 2018 wait list) opens Tuesday, November 13th starting at noon sharp!
Registration for new families opens one day later, on Wednesday, November 14th, starting at noon sharp!

How to read the Session Chart:

The numbers and letters indicate the various programs and sessions being offered during each week.  For example, ‘2E‘ means that the Explorer program is running during the 2nd Session.   Some specific notes:

  • Sessions 4 and 10 run from Sunday to Wednesday. These are marked with an asterisk*.
  • The orange words indicate that these programs run longer than the standard session week.
  • Our 10-Day Pathfinder and Ranch programs (Sessions 3-4) stay from June 23-July 3 over the weekend. Also, 10-Day Ranch campers are in 8th-11th grade rather than 7th-9th grade.
  • LITs come for 3 sessions, but do not stay on the weekends.
  • The Week 5 and Week 6 Voyaguers will be picked up on Saturday morning rather than Friday afternoon. Those trips are headed to the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.
  • Week 9 Voyaguers are younger (9-10 grade) doing a sampler trip with canoeing, climbing, and hiking.

Also, we have adjusted a few of our age groups to be able to serve our families and campers in the most effective way possible. Please be aware of the grades when looking for programs!

There are wait lists for each session, so once registration opens, if a session fills up, please put your camper on the wait list. It is not uncommon for shuffling to occur in the months leading up to Summer Camp!

Session Dates Settlers Trailblazers Pathfinders Ranch Explorers Voyaguers LITs
Grades 2-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-10 Grades 7-9 Grades 10-12 Grades 10-13 Grades 12-13
Prices**  $585  $585 $585  $800 $615 $995 $615
1 Jun 9-Jun 14 1S 1T 1P
2 Jun 16-Jun 21 2S 2T 2P 2R (Girls) 2E
Sessions 2-4
3 Jun 23-Jun 28 3S 3T

34R (Girls)
(Grades 8-11)
4* Jun 30-Jul 3 4S*
5 Jul 7-Jul 12 5S 5T 5P 5R (Girls) 5E 5V ($995)
Apostle Islands
6 Jul 14-Jul 19 6S 6T 6P 6E 6V  ($995)
Apostle Islands
Sessions 6-8
7 Jul 21-Jul 26 7S 7T 7P 7R (Boys) 7E
8 Jul 28-Aug 2 8S 8T 8P 8R (Girls) 8E
9 Aug 4-Aug 9 9S 9T 9P 9E 9V (gr. 9-10)
Sampler Trip
10* Aug 11-Aug 14 10S*

*Sessions 4 and 10 run from Sunday to Wednesday rather than our typical weeks which run from Sunday to Friday. These are marked with an asterisk*.
**Individuals outside the Diocese of Madison will be charged an additional $100 fee.

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Email or call if you have any questions! (608) 356-8200