Editors note:  Colleen & Darleen, two of our fabulous SaLT missionaries, have teamed up to create a two-part picture blog (PLOG!).  Did you miss Part 1?  Click Here!  Enjoy!

By: Darleen Kittrick

I found Walter picking out his choice spot for a top bunk in the St. Raphael bunkhouse for Summer Camp! How's that for an early bird - or rather, a prompt fish.

We decided to head to the kitchen for a quick snack and found Kevin, the year round cook. Don't worry folks, he's just giving Walter some warming spa treatment after his winter in frozen Lake Jake.

Where's Walter? Looks like the Amphitheater is completely empty!

Hold on a second! Walter, you blend right into the Lake Jake that is painted in the mural of the Amphitheater wall. He thought he was home sweet home!

Looks like Walter found himself one of Camp Gray's new mountain bikes in the Lance bike shed! I only wish his little fins were long enough to reach the peddles, then we could go for an epic bike ride adventure.

Oh no! Walter has misplaced himself...luckily he's been found! After quite a long day someone is ready to head back home to his humble underwater dwelling in Lake Jake.

On the way back to Lake Jake, Walter found this large hole in the ground! "What could that be?" he asked. "Surprise! Walter, after 30 years of the same old swimming pool, we are excited to start construction on the new pool, which is one of many projects happening at Camp Gray this spring/summer.

Walter and I are looking to go for a quick swim before he journeys back to Lake Jake, but it appears we'll have to wait until Summer Camp 2012!

Thanks for tuning in!  I don’t want to make any promises, but be on the lookout sometime soon for the first ever VLOG (that’s a video blog! sweet!)!