Editors note:  Colleen & Darleen, two of our fabulous SaLT missionaries, have teamed up to create a two-part picture blog (PLOG!).  As you’ll see in the images below, part 1 began a few weeks back when winter was still knocking at our doors.  Enjoy! 

By: Colleen Dunn

Where in the world is Walter the fish? “Lake Jake!”  you might say.  But oh no my friends, he has left his home for a little journey around camp searching for all of YOU! As I was taking a walk enjoying the beauty of our 225 acres, I spotted him sneaking out of the water to go on an adventure around camp, so that he could get a closer look at where you all hang out during Summer Camp and when you come to Camp Gray during the school year.  Thank goodness I had my camera so I could document this epic journey of his!

Stop 1 - the lake! He escaped the frozen lake to explore camp

Stop 2- Walter made his way to the Bakke Outdoor Chapel on his way to main camp

Stop 3 - The forts outside St. Francis and St. Martin trailblazer boy’s cabin. Walter was looking for some shelter from the snow and found this awesome work done by some campers. He is here to hold down the fort til y’all come back this summer!

Stop 4- PAN-DA-BALL! He is practicing for the summer Cassidy Games

Stop 5- The Gym. Walter and I spent some time shooting hoops. He is very good, and had the assist as I dunked it in for the win!

Stop 6 - After a long day of traveling, I saw him sneak into the Canteen Store to do some shopping and grab some Camp Gray souvenirs from his journey.

Stop 7 - The office! He couldn’t find his way back so he stopped by the office for a map of camp. While there he ran into Emilio, who let Walter borrow his Loras hat to keep warm.

To be continued…

Tune in next Thursday for Part 2 of Walter’s Adventure Plog!  Also, stay updated on other Camp happenings right here on the Camp Gray blog… or plog… or maybe even a vlog (video blog)!