Editor’s Note: One of our wonderful SaLT Missionaries, Brittany, is blogging for Camp Gray this spring. In her final entry, Brittany reflects back on her spring at Camp Gray as she (and the rest of SaLT) wrap up their incredible year. Thanks to Brianna, Brittany, Karoline, Margaret Mary, Ryan, and Sam for all their work! 

By: Brittany Davis

Dear Jesus,

Last fall, when I first found out about Camp Gray, You gave me the grace to have peace about it – even before I knew anything about being a missionary at a camp. Turns out, it was exactly what I was looking for: 1) something that I wouldn’t likely have the chance to do once I started my engineering career 2) something that was a little crazy and random and 3) something that would give me the opportunity to serve you, Lord, on a daily basis. I was seeking a Christ-centered adventure. Thank you for giving me just that.

Jesus, there were some times in the past few months that I did not know where you were at. I tried to search for you, but the most I saw was the equivalent to catching a mere glimpse of your robe as you left the room. Now, it feels like I’m watching the video footage of that same room and I wonder how I could be so blind. You were there. You were living with me the whole time.

Looking back, I can now see you in each of Karoline’s embraces and her sunshiney smile, always leaving me covered in the comforting warmth of your love. I can see you in the boisterous constant laugh of Brianna and her extreme sympathetic enthusiasm when anyone around her gets excited. You were there through Molly’s consistent encouragement and affirmation as a message that we were all right where You wanted us. Margaret Mary let your love flow through her as she always had a patient smile, and a kind giving spirit at the ready to serve all she encountered, students and staff alike. I saw you, Jesus, through all of Ryan’s curious personal questions, beckoning to know the core of those whom he loved.  Jesus, I saw you in Sam too, as he flawlessly and selflessly gave of himself no matter the circumstances. Sam also had an uncanny ability to know when I was not okay, and I know the love he showed me each of those times was a little reminder from you, Lord – a reminder that I am not alone.

Molly (the Assistant Director of Year-Round Programming) and the crew of SaLT Missionaries served over 3,500 people on 80+ retreats over the course of the past year. Front (L to R): Brittany, Brianna, Molly, and Karoline. Back (L to R): Sam, Margaret Mary, and Ryan


You were there in the peace that overwhelmed me when I first came to Camp Gray, and you are there in my quiet tears of joyful gratitude that stream down my face as I leave.

Thank you, Jesus, for SaLT

I also look back on this time and immediately smile from all the joy. Jesus, you made it so fun! Living in the woods is a great place to start for this, but there are countless times we couldn’t stop laughing. Cooking out at Lake Jake, dancing to “On Top of the World” while atop the snow pile, finding (and buying) matching pineapple outfits at Walmart, boiling sap at the Hoeben’s, and all the random trivial in-between parts of life that have accumulated into a close knit (probably too close) team that have become my life long friends.

Jesus, I’m going to miss everyone at Camp. A lot. Because we did everything together. I really do mean everything. We lived together and worked together. And on our off days, we hung out together. We shared chapstick and lotion, got ice cream together, cried together, laughed together, danced together, prayed together, and lost a multitude of ‘What are the odds?’ together. I’m going to miss everyone here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to miss these people so much.

Jesus, I had no idea what these past few months would look like. It has been the most fun, challenging, and inspiring time here at Camp Gray. I wish I could stay, but I know it is time for me to move on, and for someone else to come here and experience the same things I did.

Lord, thank you for being so present. Thank you for showing yourself through all of these people and for loving me as much as you do. From the depths of my heart, Lord, thank you.

Thank you for Camp Gray.

And thank you, Jesus, for SaLT.

I love you,