By:  Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Have you heard?  If you register your campers, and pay in full by the end of the day on February 1st, you save $15 PER camper!  Yes indeedy!  (My goodness, we’re so excited for Summer Camp!)

Also, have you heard?  Topher has been blogging every Tuesday on the Camp Gray blog, which explains the category of this blog: “Tuesday’s with Topher“.

Additionally, have you heard?  Registrations coming in at such a high frequency because of the fast approaching discount deadline has seriously hindered Topher’s ability to write a new blog this week (since when did Topher write in 3rd person?)

Lastly, have you heard?  Summer Camp never goes out of style.  This is why I’m not fretting about being unable to provide you with a fresh-off-the-press blog post this week.  Instead, I’ve copy-pasted a link to an article about Summer Camp at Camp Gray which was written last year for the Madison Catholic Herald.  Click HERE.

Make sure to tune in next week for some fresh-off-the-press blogging!


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