By:  Chris “Topher” Aderhold

I had the great privilege of folding my 6’4’’ frame into the backseat of an extended cab Ford Ranger pickup earlier today, and as I sat enduring the bumpy, ice coated roads of Wisconsin, I pondered what it should be that I write about in the weekly edition of, “Tuesdays with Topher.” Then it hit me, while I have published two posts so far (click HERE to check those out!), I have yet to introduce to you, my Camp Gray family, my intention of publishing a blog post every Tuesday (we’re Tuesday people around here after all…). One of my favorite Summer Camp tasks is writing and posting to our website daily journal entries.  With these journal entries, camper families are able to tune in to our website to read about all the fun their campers had that day at Camp Gray.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Self, while it’s super fun to read daily journal entries about Summer Camp at Camp Gray because of all the excitement that goes on, there can’t possibly be enough that goes on during the school year to fill a weekly blog post.” Rest assured, my friend, I too think (and write) in long and wordy sentences, and also fear not, there are plenty of stories to be shared.  However, if you have a suggestion of a story you’d like to see written in the “Tuesdays with Topher” blog post, or you have a question that I can answer in the bi-monthly “Tuesdays with Topher Mailbag,” send me an email by clicking HERE.

Thanks for tuning in, friends! In no time flat, you too will be a Tuesday person!