By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Happy Advent!

Can you believe it’s December?! December!

We’re told year after year around this time that many of you give as gifts a session of Summer Camp to your child/grandchild/next-door-neighbor/nephew/niece/etc. for Christmas. First off, thanks for your support of Camp Gray!

Secondly, in an effort to help you give this gift, we’ve created a Christmas card that informs the recipient that dreaming about Summer Camp 2014 can now officially commence!

Posted below, you’ll find two images. Simply print the two images, tape them together, and then fold in the middle. A completed card is pictured at the bottom of this post. Please email if you have ANY questions about the Camp Gray Christmas card.  If anyone feels as though their camper(s) will react in an especially positive and boisterous way, feel free to video the card opening to capture the excitement! We would absolutely love to see that footage!


As an additional Christmas gift suggestion, how about a Camp Gray Music CD?! If you aren’t familiar with the Camp Gray Music CD project, please visit the CG Music page.

Thanks for your support of Camp Gray! Come on back next week to read the annual By the Numbers post! The “By the Numbers” post is a fun opportunity for us to geek out on all of the world-wide traffic the Camp Gray website received in the past year. Sound boring? It might be. I’d still encourage you to check it out!

Thanks for your support of Camp Gray!


In just a couple of easy steps, you’ll have a Christmas card to give to your loved ones! Mr. Potato Head and Walter not included…