Summer Staff

The summer staff make Camp Gray the safe, fun, spirit-filled place that it is.  They are the foundation of the faith, friends, and fun that is found at camp. Camp Gray summer staff members are vibrant, responsible, and fun young adults.

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Full Time Staff

These lucky folks have the pleasure of living at Camp Gray all year and work to keep the spirit of Camp alive and well year-round.  Find out who they are and how they serve Camp during the year. Learn more about our

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Prospective Staff

Are you interested in working at Camp Gray this summer? Learn more about the application process, the available positions, benefits, and all the fun, challenging adventures that await you.

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Year-Round Missionary Program

Camp Gray offers an exciting opportunity to recent college graduates through our year-round missionary program. As a member of the volunteer Servant Leadership Team, you will lead retreats, help out around camp and have the opportunity for great personal and spiritual growth. It is a wonderful chance to share your faith and serve others in a beautiful natural setting.

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