Become a SaLT Missionary

The rumor is true: Camp Gray is much more than just a summer camp. We are open year-round!  Camp Gray’s Servant Leadership Program is an integral part of the overall Camp Gray experience.  Our Servant Leadership Team (SaLT) Missionaries are passionate, energetic, and fun recent college graduates who have been called to serve in Camp’s unique year-round ministry leading spiritual, team building, and environmental retreats and much more!  The positions run from early June until late May. This page contains more information about the qualifications, benefits, and responsibilities of our SaLT Missionaries.  If you have any questions about Camp Gray or the SaLT Program, please contact us. Qualifications to be a part of the Servant Leadership Team at Camp Gray:

  • High school graduate, college degree preferred
  • Positive relationship with the Catholic Church
  • Strong desire to give of yourself
  • Desire to live in a Catholic community
  • A desire to share faith in retreat type settings with 4th-12th graders

Missionaries Receive:

  • Room & Board
  • Health Insurance
  • Monthly stipend ($450)
  • Quiet time and space
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth/continuing education
  • The blessing and challenge of community living
  • Satisfaction that comes from giving of oneself

What does the Servant Leadership Team Do:

  • Facilitate retreats (Confirmation, teambuilding, leadership) for many age groups
  • Facilitate our Faith-based Environmental Programs for 5th – 7th graders
  • Help with program development and marketing of retreats & programs
  • Plan and execute our special Camp Gray events including our our 4/5th grade overnight retreat
  • Cleaning and maintenance after every group
  • Kitchen assistance
  • Whatever else comes up!

In addition to the many retreats that our SaLT Missionaries lead here at Camp Gray, they also occasionally facilitate retreats at parishes throughout the diocese – retreats that we like to call, “Away Games.”  They also coordinate and facilitate the Environmental Stewardship Program.  Our Missionaries truly serve in all aspects of Camp Gray’s operation where they are needed (that’s here, there and everywhere. . .)  We’re so blessed to have them!