By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Back in 1989, NBC launched a series of uber-successful public service announcements (PSAs) known as The More You Know. (How many of you, rather than simply reading those words, instead sang the famous jingle?) The More You Know PSAs typically feature celebrities sharing educational messages.

Fast-forward 27 years. As preparations for our Staff Training were underway for Summer Camp 2016, The More You Know kept coming to mind.

A 10-day journey, Staff Training is intended to give our staff all the skills and knowledge needed to best serve our 1,350 campers. Our staffers learn our policies, our traditions, our games, our events, and most importantly, they’re given the tools to keep each of our campers safe.

Typically, sessions during Staff Training are led by those on our Summer Camp Administrative Team (A-Team). This year, to spice things up, we hired a few celebrities to help us create our own series of The More You Know PSAs. We invite you (nay! we encourage you!) to watch them below.

PSA #1:
Summer Camp is fun, goofy, and exciting. It’s also a whole lot of work. Things can be tough, challenging, and exhausting. However, let’s not forget one very important thing…

PSA #2:
At Camp Gray, we encourage our staffers to be themselves.

PSA #3:
Our activities, games, and events at Camp Gray are top-notch. What makes them extraordinary is that our staffers dream in big ways to take them to new heights. We encourage big dreams at Camp Gray, because big dreams become big adventures and big adventures become big memories.

Many thanks to our PSA celebrities, Andrew, Mary, and Josh.

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