By:  Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Greetings friends!

Originally hailing from Oklahoma, I’m used to 70 degree weather come March (now that I think about it, being from Oklahoma, I’m also used to winters with only scarce amounts of snow and mild temperatures… Did Camp Gray move to Oklahoma?) Regardless of where we are (upon further reflection, there were countless bags of cheese curds for sale yesterday at the gas station, so we must still be in Wisconsin…), with a high of 79 degrees tomorrow, I think it is safe to say that spring has sprung! An early springing of spring couldn’t have come at a better time for us at Camp Gray (save for Mo-T, who got to experience very little skiing this winter…). This is great timing because we have – as you probably know – building projects galore! Yesterday at Camp Gray were representatives from Terra Construction, Freide & Associates, Gasser Construction, and Badger Pools. A major meeting of the minds was held in order to organize the three major improvement projects taking place this spring at Camp Gray. In order to best utilize our funds, and our resources, strategizing the most efficient and organized way to dig a new pool, tear up and re-pour the basketball court, and build a new office is crucial.  Sure, this spring is going to be madness, but we’re thrilled with the abundance of support we’ve received to help improve the physical aspect of Camp Gray.  And, we’re thrilled with the way camp will be better equipped to give our campers and visitors a unique, memorable, life-changing experience.  On the Camp Gray website, we’ve launched a “Spring Construction Journal” which will be updated from time to time with all of the latest info from our busy spring of improvements. Check it out!

Speaking of madness, March Madness is upon us!  The sport of basketball is near and dear to many of our hearts here at Camp Gray.  The lightning hoop at Camp is consistently a favorite area for campers and basketball games on Saturday mornings are one of Camp Gray’s greatest summer staff pastimes. With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to be part of Camp’s Inaugural College Basketball Extravaganza!  Clicking Here will take you to our bracket group. You’ll be asked to create a profile (which is super simple!), and then you’ll be prompted to input a password: walter.  Afterwards, you can make your predictions for the 2012 NCAA Tournament.  Spread the word, as all are invited: campers, parents, siblings of campers, staff, alumni, friends, etc!  We can have as many as 400 people join our group.  Let me know if you have questions! (Oh, and the winner will get some sweet CG swag… we’ll certainly make it worth your while!)

Lastly, get excited about next week’s Tuesdays with Topher, as we’ll (finally!) be revealing the improved and revamped Summer Camp Daily Schedule! During a session of Summer Camp in the past, campers participated in only two of our 10 program areas. You told us that wasn’t enough, that you want to try it all.  The new daily schedule allows campers to experience a wider variety of camp activities!

Thanks for stopping by, friends! I hope all this mad March talk has left you feeling a tad happier on this fine spring (even though technically it’s still winter) day!

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