By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold


A rare photo: Camp’s photographer, Caila, in front of the camera! Special thanks to Caila for her joy, goofiness, and song-writing skills! 

As we inch towards the 200th Camp Gray Film, I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on all of the great films we’ve created over the years. You might think that at this point in the history of Camp Gray Films, with our nearly 200 videos racking up almost 120,000 views, releasing yet another video would be, as the saying goes, old hat. In other words, you might think it’s lost its luster – that releasing a new video to the Camp Gray YouTube Channel is akin to brushing ones teeth. Oh, you might think all that, but you’d be wrong.

Loads of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears are put into the production of each Camp Gray Film, making each release an exciting event. Each video deserves a behind-the-scenes look at all that goes into its creation, even if not more than four of our videos have a behind-the-scenes story. Nonetheless, Spirit Within, Camp Gray Film’s latest video, deserves to have its story told.

This past summer, Caila Webber – Camp’s photographer (and also an accomplished singer/songwriter) – was inspired to write a song about Summer Camp 2016. This past summer was Caila’s first as a part of the Camp Gray Staff, however she was a camper here for many, many years growing up.

Recently, I asked Caila where she finds her inspiration to write her songs. She told me that typically she finds inspiration for the songs she writes from the people in her life. Spirit Within, she told me, was inspired by the Camp Gray Staff – those on staff in 2016, and all those Camp Gray staffers that influenced her as a camper.

At Camp Gray Films – a division of Camp Gray, Inc. – we’re proud of our versatility in creating films. You want goofy? We can do that. You want inspirational? We can do that. You want weird, expertly edited, epic, and international? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


Camp Gray staffers are simply the best. Thanks to all those that have served at Camp Gray!

Perhaps what fills me with the most pride, however, is when we create every aspect of a video – which means that everything, including the music, actors, production, and editing is done in-house. We’re blessed that this isn’t rare, amongst our many Camp Gray Films, but it’s still no less impressive. (see examples here, here, here, and here.)

After writing her song, Caila recruited fellow staffers to showcase their talents in transforming the song from notes on a page to a beautiful melody in our ears. After Haley (vocals), Caroline (fiddle), and L.J. (keyboard) agreed to join Caila (guitar), many hours of practice were spent rehearsing the song.

Once the song was perfected, they recorded it in nearby Freedom Studio, and then they handed the finished product over to Camp’s videographer, Allison. Allison was then able to work her videography magic creating a high quality video, combining the sweet sounds of Caila’s song, with the sweet video footage of our inspirational staff. We’re certain you’ll agree, the finished product is a dazzling work of art.

Thanks to Caila, the musicians, and Allison for their outstanding work on Spirit Within – the song and the video. Thanks also is due to the entire Camp Gray staff, past and present, for helping to create an atmosphere that inspires people of all ages to dream big.

Enjoy the video:

Lastly, for those keeping score at home, Spirit Within is the 193rd Camp Gray Film. We’ve got a full slate of awesome videos coming at you over the course of this fall, with lucky number 200 hitting the Tubewaves sometime in mid-November. Get excited… It’s going to rock!

Thanks for your great support of Camp Gray!

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