Seriously, Camp Gray consistently gets two thumbs up!

By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

”Words can hardly describe how my wife and I felt while driving back from camp as we listened to all three kids talk over one another, bragging about their counselors and experiences throughout the week. What a great feeling for a parent to have knowing that their kids will hang on to these positive memories forever.”

On Mother’s Day of each year, we open wide the doors of Camp Gray to invite the masses out for our annual Spring Open House. The above parent quote comes to us from a family that heard about Camp Gray from friends. Before they sent their kids to Camp Gray last summer, they attended last year’s Open House. They left the Open House excited for Summer Camp, and left Summer Camp with lifelong memories.

FAQ: Why is Camp Gray’s Open House on Mother’s Day?
Camp Gray is open not just in the summer, but during the school year, as well. More than 3,000 youth experience the faith, friends, and fun of Camp Gray during the school year, which means there are very few days Camp Gray doesn’t have a retreat group on our grounds. Mother’s Day is one of those rare days when there aren’t any groups present, which means we love taking the opportunity to welcome you and your family out to spend time at one of the greatest places in the State!

Awareness of Camp Gray is on the rise – as are registrations for Summer Camp (we’re currently sitting at 85% capacity!). Reading articles about Camp Gray, watching Camp Gray videos, or hearing folks talk about all that goes on at Camp Gray can teach you a lot about Camp. Sometimes merely hearing about something isn’t enough to be convinced of its transformative power, though. Sometimes you need to see something to believe (just ask that doubting Thomas character!).

Maybe you’ve already registered your campers, and you’ve never been to Camp Gray. We invite you too to come out, so you (and your campers) can see first hand for the first time all that goes on at Camp Gray.

Sure, gas prices are high, and there may be other plans being made for Mother’s Day. However, you can’t put a price on learning more about an experience – or bolstering a decision – that may impact the lives of your children forever (see parent quote above). And Mothers, the following parent evaluation quote infers that sending your campers to Summer Camp may be the best Mother’s Day gift you’ll ever receive:

”My children were returned better than when I dropped them off. They seemed to remember their manners.”

So come on out on May 13th to meet the Camp Gray staff, tour the grounds, and see our ongoing improvements. Call or email if you have any questions!

Camp Gray Spring Open House: May 13th, 2012 – 11am-2pm

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