By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

When I was a Camp Gray rookie, back during Summer Camp 2006, I remember overhearing a few of the more seasoned staffers speak about an ambiguous thing called Midstates.

Was Midstates a place? Was it an event? Perhaps like Cher, Midstates was a person with but one name?

How was it that I could be so confused about the true identity of Midstates?

During staff training my rookie year, I remember hearing credit given to Midstates for certain games, activities, or training sessions.

The Camp Gray crew had an awesome time at last year's ACA Midstates Conference!

The Camp Gray crew had an awesome time at last year’s ACA Midstates Conference!

“That’s a game from Midstates.”

Where is Midstates?

“We learned that activity at Midstates.”

What is Midstates?

“Midstates taught us that.”

Who is Midstates?

Later, I learned that Midstates is in fact not a person or a place, but instead an awesome knowledge-bomb dropping, tight-knit community-building, amazingly fun camp conference that unleashes wisdom and inspiration to all those that are lucky enough to attend. These days, no longer a Camp Gray rookie, I know quite well the powers and value of this conference.

We here at Camp Gray look forward to attending the Midstates Conference each year to brush up on our camp knowledge, to network with other camp professionals, to learn about the latest games and innovations in the camping world, and perhaps most importantly, to bond with the Camp Gray crew to enhance the Camp Gray experience.

This year’s Midstates Conference kicks off during the latter part of this week. Camp Gray will be represented by 7 of us (including two members of our Board of Directors!). We will bond, we will learn, we will have loads of fun, and we’ll no doubt learn countless ways to make Camp Gray better. Yes indeed, friends, Midstates makes us better.

Stay tuned to our twitter feed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week, for we’ll be tweeting like its hot throughout the conference, alerting YOU, our loyal fans, of the sweet innovations, games, and knowledge-bombs that we’ll be encountering.

Thanks for your support of Camp Gray!


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