By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

The Camp Gray music CD is underway!

Hello friends!

Thanks for tuning in to yet another Tuesdays with Topher post.  Also, thank you for the warm response to last week’s Mailbag #2 column.  Immediately after posting the mailbag to the CG website, I received several questions for mailbag #3!  Please keep those questions coming – hopefully we can get you another mailbag in the coming weeks!

On to this week’s post…

Get excited, friends!  Did you hear about the gargantuan Camp Gray announcement on last week’s AFTERNOONS with Jeff Hoeben Show?

In case you’re not a watcher of the Camp Gray youtube channel (and if you’re not, you should definitely look into remedying that – with over forty exciting, jam-packed videos, it might just be one of the best Catholic Summer Camp youtube channels this side of Harrison Creek), I wanted to take the time during this week’s Tuesdays with Topher to pass along the excitement.

After years and years of discussions, strategizing, and hoping, a CD full of Camp Gray music, performed by Camp Gray people, is in the works.  Camper Dad and recording artist, Aaron Thompson, the Music Director at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Madison, is generously giving of his time to help Camp Gray create the CD.

Because there are multiple steps along the journey in creating a music CD, we’re excited to launch the “CG Music CD Journal,” found on the home page of the Camp Gray website.  I, along with some help from others, will be updating the Journal semi-regularly in order to keep you, the loyal supporters of Camp Gray, in the loop on progress of the CD.

In addition to keeping up with the Journal, allow me to give you one more piece of advice.  That is, be sure to take a gander in the CG winter newsletter, “The Camp Gray Gazette,” which should be landing in your mailbox any day now.  Inside there is more information about the CG CD, as well as information about an opportunity YOU have to help decorate the booklet of the new Camp Gray music CD.

(If you’re not on the CG mailing list, please let me know and we’ll drop one in the mail for you!)

Thank you to Aaron Thompson ( for his incredible generosity and patience as we embark on this journey.  Also, thank YOU for tuning in to yet another Tuesdays with Topher post!


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