Truly, these folks are the salt of the earth!

Truly, these folks are the salt of the Earth!

By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Last month, for the 15th August in a row, a group of dedicated young adults came together at Camp Gray to prepare for 9 months of service.

You see, Camp Gray is open all year round. In fact, over the course of this upcoming school year, more than 3,000 youth will take part in one of Camp’s countless retreats, events, & occasions.

For too many, this is probably a surprise. What? Camp Gray is open all year-round?

It’s true – we have too much integrity here in the Camp Gray Blog Office to lie to you.

The dedicated young adults live at Camp Gray all year, serving in every aspect of Camp life. They facilitate retreats; they help prepare meals for rental groups; they shovel snow; they shovel more snow; they clean camp at the conclusion of each retreat; oh, and they form a tight-knit community with our full-time staff, all while soaking in the beauty of the changing seasons at Camp Gray.

Over the years, we’ve had folks from all across our great country serve as a part of our year-round crew. Those that serve our year-round program are hard working, mission focused, servant leaders. Our 2014-2015 team comes to us from Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, Florida, & North Dakota – they’re truly salt of the Earth people.

We call our year-round crew the Servant Leadership Team, or SaLT for short. It’s hard work being a SaLT missionary, but I can tell you from experience that the rewards of serving on the SaLT are endless.

A week unlike any other... SaLT Week!

A week unlike any other… SaLT Week!

I know what you’re thinking: Goodness, I could use a cup of coffee.

Friend, I’m right there with you.

Also, let me guess, you’re thinking: I wish I could learn more about Camp’s year-round program and the outstanding people that serve Camp Gray so selflessly.

Friend, you are in luck!

We are excited to announce that the week of October 13th-17th is the Inaugural Camp Gray SaLT Week! We’re excited to sprinkle you with information about the team and the program. Stay tuned to Camp’s website, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, and YouTube Channel, because sweet bits of information (bits of information!) about both – the program and the team – will be nearly ubiquitous during SaLT Week!

For your year-round support of Camp Gray, we are abundantly thankful!