Thanksgiving-960x640By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

For some odd reason,
Saying thanks in a haiku,
Will boost the season!

G.K. Chesterton once said, “When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.”

We are incredibly blessed here at Camp Gray. We have a supportive Board of Directors, a dedicated staff, super cool campers, amazing camper families, and if you don’t fit in any of the aforementioned groups, don’t fret, because we are thankful that YOU are a reader of the Camp Gray Blog! None of you are taken for granted. THANK YOU for your generous support of Camp Gray! Without your support, Camp Gray simply would not be Camp Gray.

In thinking about this Thanksgiving season, I contacted our Summer Camp Staff of 2013 and invited them to send over their thoughts on what they’re thankful for. In a random twist, I asked that they contribute their thoughts in the form of a haiku.

Much to my surprise many of them responded – which, yes, I’m very grateful for!

A reminder: a haiku is a 3-line poem in the order of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables (though you might notice a few people might have been off a syllable or two, and a few people were incredibly random…).

So friends, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy this list of haikus contributed by many of our wonderful staffers!


IMG_6238A treasured lesson:
Luke 22:26,
Servant Leadership!

– George Carr


IMG_6455Jesus loves us all,
He gave us the Eucharist,
to fill hearts with peace.

– Kate Earleywine


IMG_0529Thanks be to God,
He has given me so much.
Where to begin?

– Jeff Hoeben


IMG_1252Great faith, friends, and fun,
Camp Gray is the place to be,
second family

-John Paul Schiedermayer


IMG_7033Faith to the faithless,
Spreading hope to the hopeless,
giving love to all.

– David Earleywine


IMG_5708Though there’s much to do,
There’s nothing that can beat,
a trail ride with Sue.

– Shane Reinbold


IMG_1338Back when camp was an,
Ecumenical Jazz Camp,
It was much cooler…

– Ryan McGrath


_MG_5801It’s Thaikugiving!
Like, the best time of the year,
I can’t poem

– Dan Schiedermayer


IMG_3313This is so tacky,
I refuse to haiku this,
oh wait I just did

– Meghan Bonham


IMG_6906Thankful for Jesus,
and Camp Gray obviously,
plus Diet Pepsi.



IMG_6615And last, but certainly not least, staffer Monica Olsen sent over a message the other day that included a whole gaggle of 17 syllable lines of thankfulness. She couldn’t winnow down to only one, so she sent over the lot of them and asked that I winnow for her. Unfortunately, they’re all so good that I’m unable. Enjoy the entire Monica Olsen collection!

I’m Thankful for…
For days when I miss the bus, because at least I have legs that can walk.
When the water smells like rotten eggs – God gave me a nose to smell with.
For times when my room gets really messy, at least I’ve somewhere to live.
I’m thankful for those who sing off key, for God gave me ears to hear with.
For yucky foods like carrots – At least I can taste sweets and coffee too.
For the alarm that always wakes me too early, it means I’m alive!


Lots to be thankful for! Thanks for your support of Camp Gray! Happy Thanksgiving!