St. Luigi Scrosoppi, patron Saint of footballers, PRAY FOR US!

By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

It was one of those glorious summer days that make you glad to be alive (and glad to be free of the clutches of winter’s wrath!). The sun was shining warmly and the sky was blue – a vibrant blue, like the blue painted on the faces of those on the Blue Team during the Cassidy Games.

For the third year in a row, nearly the entire staff from Camp Gray traveled the long and winding 4.7 miles to Camp Chi to be a part of the Gray vs. Chi Staff Soccer Game.

You might remember that the Gray won round one, but Chi countered, and in a sudden-death penalty-kick shootout, they claimed round two.

Here we were, on that gorgeous afternoon, and we had ourselves what those in the sports world call a “rubber match.”


Dan with the Super kick! 

Friends, I – your entirely biased pro-Camp Gray scribe – wish that I could skew the details of the game in our favor, but there’s no denying it: the Gray were beaten soundly, 4-1. However, in spite of the fact that we were out-skilled and consequently outplayed, the Fighting Gray met the Chi at its own game and never, even when it was inevitable that defeat would be our fate, showed a sign of faltering. Outplayed? Yes. Outfought? No.

Despite the loss, it was an excellent afternoon, for several reasons. The fact that the fight of the Gray never wavered would be reason numero uno.

Secondly, there’s great joy in representing Camp Gray in a sporting competition. I can’t imagine the pride one must feel when he or she is representing the U.S.A. in the World Cup (or the Olympics). I’ll never experience that thrill, but the thrill of donning the Gray for sport is enough!

Lastly, after the game, the Gray gang went out for pizza at UNO’s. While we don’t accept participation medals at the Gray, we certainly accept participation pizza! It was a fitting way to cap off the day, because UNO’s in Lake Delton was the title sponsor for the 2014 Camp Gray Soccer Team! The next time you’re in the greater Lake Delton area, please patronize UNO’s – they’re great people that make outstanding food!


Big thanks to Camp Chi for another fun afternoon of soccer!

Thanks to all those that played a role in making the day so great: John Moran – the esteemed Gray vs. Chi referee – and his two lines-women, Martha and Aoife; Camp Chi, for hosting us and competing against us in the 3rd annual showdown; the Camp Gray fans, for your unending support; UNO’s Pizza, for your generous sponsorship; and YOU! – thanks for reading and for supporting our team from afar!

Camp Chi: Round 4? June, 2015?

St. Luigi Scrosoppi, patron Saint of footballers, PRAY FOR US!

(Last year the question was posed, and the thought remains: This annual event needs a title, a la ‘The Subway Series,’ and perhaps there should be a traveling trophy, a la ‘Paul Bunyan’s Axe‘ – any ideas for both of these would be GREATLY appreciated! Please email ideas – you might win some CG swag!)

To see photos from the top-notch day, please CLICK HERE!