Welcome to the 2018 Summer Camp Session Chart! 


How to read the Session Chart: The numbers and letters indicate the various programs and sessions being offered during that week.  For example, ‘2E‘ means that the Explorer program is running during the 2nd Session, June 10th-15th.  The orange words indicate that these programs run longer than the standard session week.

Registration for returning families (and those on this year’s wait list) opens November 15th starting at noon sharp!
Registration for new families opens one day later, on November 16th, starting at noon sharp!

There are wait lists for each session, so once registration opens, if a session fills up, please put your camper on the wait list. It is not uncommon for shuffling to occur in the months leading up to Summer Camp!

*The session chart does not reflect actual availability. You can see what is available for your camper by logging in to your account on UltraCamp. Click here to go to your account.*

Dates Settlers
Trailblazers Pathfinders Explorers Ranch Voyageurs LITs

gr. 2-5
gr. 6-8
gr. 8-10
gr. 10-12 gr. 7-9, 8-11
gr. 10-13 gr. 12-13

$560 $560 $560 $590 $715 $865 $590
1 June 3-8 1S 1T 1P
2 June 10-15 2S 2T 2P 2E 2R
(girls only)
3 June 17-22 3S 3T 3P 3E 3V
Apostle Islands
(weeks 2-4)
4 June 24-29 4S 4T 45P
June 10-29
5 July 1-4
“short week”
(girls only)

6 July 8-13 6S 6T 6P 6E  6R
(boys only)

7 July 15-20 7S 7T 7P 7E (weeks 6-8)
8 July 22-27 8S 8T 8P 8E 8R
(girls only)
July 8-27


9 July 29-Aug 3 9S 9T 9P 9E 9R
(girls only)
10 August 5-7
“mini week”
High School Mini

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*Note: Campers entering 8th grade in the fall of 2018 have several Summer Camp program options. Let us know if you have any questions about the various options. If you’re signing up with a friend, please be certain you’re signing up for the same program.

Email or call if you have any questions! (608) 356-8200