Welcome to the 2017 Summer Camp Session Chart! 

(The Session Chart for 2018 will be posted by early October.)

How to read the Session Chart: The numbers and letters indicate the various programs and sessions being offered during that week.  For example, ‘2E‘ means that the Explorer program is running during the 2nd Session, June 11th-16th.  The orange boxes indicate that these programs run longer than the standard session week.

Sessions are FULL unless otherwise denoted.

Please, if your session is FULL, put your camper on a wait list! Thanks!

Last update: April 28th at 10:15am (The Session Chart isn’t updated automatically, however we update just as quickly as we can! Thanks!)

Click here for more information about each Summer Camp program.

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*Note: Campers entering 8th grade in the fall of 2017 have several Summer Camp program options. Let us know if you have any questions about the various options. If you’re signing up with a friend, please be certain you’re signing up for the same program.

Email or call if you have any questions! (608) 356-8200