Explorers live a part from main camp in rustic cabins in a dedicated location known as Explorer Village. As an Explorer, you’ll have loads of fun forming an unbelievably tight community!

During Summer Camp 2015, a reporter from the Catholic Herald spent time with our Explorers, and wrote this excellent reflection on the beauty of the Explorer Program.

The purpose of the Explorer program is to provide a safe and fun environment where the campers grow together as a community.  The beauty of the Explorer program rests in its simplicity and tradition. You’ll have the chance to decide what you want to do as a community from day to day. This relaxed pace of Explorer Village gives rise to opportunities for one-on-one discussions, conflict resolution, and a sense of acceptance. There are also a good deal of programmed activities too, like a day trip to Devils Lake State Park, group initiatives in the village, tower climbing, and swimming in the pool that will occur throughout the week as well. Additionally, Explorers cook much of their own food, which creates bonding moments of learning and growing as campers create their meals. You’ll also learn skills such as fire-building, outdoor cooking, and low impact camping. Explorer counselors are specially trained and have a passion for working with older adolescents. We invite you to take the challenge and pass through the arch to become an Explorer!