With your time at Camp Gray on the horizon, you’ll find our intended programming plan laid out below. As a parent, you deserve to have all of the information available to make sound decisions based on your family’s situation. With that in mind:

  • Your child will participate within a similar cohort model that was instituted in 2021. Campers will spend the majority of their day in groups of roughly 24-32 campers with consistent staffing.
  • Individuals will have the choice to wear a face covering if they so choose.
  • We will test individuals based on symptoms throughout the duration of the summer. We will not require vaccination for the summer staff or summer campers.
  • We intend to run at full capacity; removing the self-limited capacity that was instituted in 2021.
  • Camper drop-off will continue as a drive through drop-off process
  • On Fridays, you will have an opportunity to park and explore Camp with you child and learn about their Camp Gray experience at the Parent Program.

If you have any questions please call our office at 608.356.8200 or email bigfun@campgray.com. We can’t wait to see you this summer!