By: Colleen Dunn

YO! It’s Colleen here, and I just wanted to take the time to write about the amazing adventures we have had at Camp so far! The fall at Camp Gray is new and exciting territory for me. For three years I have been a member of the summer staff, which has been a huge blessing. After seeing how much fun I have in the summers I finally decided that I just couldn’t possibly leave these beautiful and holy grounds, so I am now a part of the year round Servant Leadership Team (SaLT) and we are off to a great start! Our 2 weeks of training is now complete (and by training I really mean many crazy adventures, laughing, singing, eating, praying, oh yea and of course it included learning about the AWESOME year round service we will be doing)!

Colleen and the rest of the SaLT Missionaries love a good "Senior Pic"

“To The Heights!” is a phrase the team has been rallying behind the past two weeks, to give us the motivation to go above and beyond. It is inspired by the adventurous spirit of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, who is one cool guy. Frassati was a young and vibrant man who would do anything for a good time, like climbing to the tops of mountains with his friends. He also used this energy above all to serve God and neighbor. Throughout this training we have climbed higher and higher just like Frassati. We made it to the top of the bluffs at Devils Lake to watch the sunrise, we climbed the Camp Gray Tower, and even went to a high ropes course where we put our lives in each other’s hands. The High Ropes course for me was the craziest of them all, as it became a 40 foot high thrill where we walked on wires and boards high in the sky. We even took a leap of faith and jumped into mid air! While we enjoyed striving

for these heights in the sky, we were continually reminded and humbled of the true heights we are striving for. Pope Benedict XVI states “we are all called to eternity. God created us to be with Him forever. This will help us make meaningful decisions and live a beautiful life.” It’s so TRUE!! We are called to the heights of eternity with God, with this on our hearts we should live a beautiful life by loving and serving God. We are meant to live for so much more!

Overall these two weeks have been amazing. I have laughed so hard and learned a lot.