Gather 'round for some syrup!

Gather ’round for some syrup!

By: Jeff Hoeben

As you may recall from last week’s blog, Topher was talking about the success of “Our Family Tree” Benefit Dinner. Lately, here at Camp Gray, our “family tree” has definitely been the red maple. There is nothing that brings the camp family together better than a common goal to work towards. Tapping trees, hauling sap, and producing syrup has rallied the crew together over these past few weeks of early spring. No matter the age, there are tasks for everyone.

The kids run from bucket to bucket and shout for joy at the discovery that the sap is flowing. Then begins the long haul from the marsh just off the red trail across the AF towards the house. This always seems to be the part where the kids take off and leave the “bigger” Camp Gray staff to fend for ourselves. The past two Sundays have been dedicated to boiling off the excess liquid so that we find ourselves left with nothing but the sweet goodness of Mother Nature. It’s a joyful process and a wonderful way to usher in Spring. The time around the fire lends itself to great conversation and a wonderful “excuse” to spend time outside after a LONG winter.

Fresh Camp Gray syrup... Thumbs up to that!

Fresh Camp Gray syrup… Thumbs up to that!

As I reflect upon this process, I am amazed by the beauty of nature and its ability to bring people together. There are many gifts given to us from the natural world which are available to us if we are willing to put forth some effort and invest some time. There is so much goodness in life just waiting to be “tapped” into. Whether you are making syrup, walking through the woods, or pausing to listen to the Sandhill cranes fly over head as they return from down south, I hope that you enjoy Spring and all that is has to offer. Go out there and find yourself some sweet goodness.