In lieu of a ‘Tuesday’s with Topher’ post this week, we’re excited to hand the blogging reins to Camp Gray’s Co-Director, Jeff Hoeben!  Enjoy!

The basketball court snow pile won’t be around long, as it is already warm enough for retreat groups to spend lots of time outside!

By: Jeff Hoeben

On a recent cold February day, Topher and I left the office to walk to our respective homes for the night.  As we walked the narrow shoveled path one behind the other, we found ourselves pinned in on both sides by seemingly impenetrable walls of snow.  We began to take a philosophical approach to what it was that we were doing. Let me try to explain…

Living in Wisconsin, we all know the joys and struggles of winter.  Travel can be made difficult and often times weather and snow conditions limit where we may travel.  Around Camp Gray, we plow roads and shovel certain paths and after the first snow fall we stay that course for the entire winter season.  We do it because it’s easier than forging our own path through deep, cold snow every day.  It’s safer than stepping out on slick icy patches.  We take the challenges of winter and we attempt to make them disappear.

With snow melting away, and several 60 degree days in the 10-day forecast, I think its safe to say, spring has finally arrived (save for that one huge April snow dump we’ll no doubt get).  As I walk around camp nowadays with a new found freedom, I think back to the confined pathways I recently traveled in winters grip.  I am free to pick a route, to walk past a certain point or around a particular obstacle.  My path is up to me!

What path is God calling us to?  Spring presents new paths, so many wonderful choices.  We are no longer pinned down by the hand of Old Man Winter.  Camp is a wide open space waiting for paths to be made.  There is no one way to walk the Holy Ground of Camp Gray. Come to Camp Gray. Experience the freedom of choosing a path, following a way!

Happy Spring!