Out of necessity due to an influx of passengers, and to strengthen the vessel in these tumultuous times, Camp Gray is building a bigger boat.

Back in 2005, Camp Gray secured funding from an anonymous donor to build our beloved St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. Tucked away from the noise of the main camp area, the Chapel has provided a peaceful, prayerful, and inspiring place for many thousands of people to encounter the abundant love of Jesus Christ.

For centuries, going back to the days of the holy apostles as they preached the Gospel to all the known corners of the world, the Church has been seen as a ship. On this earthly journey towards eternity, there is much strife attempting to prevent us from arriving safely at our destination. The Church – the faith passed from Christ himself to the apostles, and preserved through apostolic succession – is the vessel that brings us home.

2,000 years later, all throughout the world, there are thousands upon thousands of churches, chapels, oratories, and other holy places built to provide shelter on the journey. Pilgrims like you and me can climb aboard these various places to give us the strength and hope needed to navigate the difficulties of our time.

In the nearly two decades since the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel was built, Camp Gray has grown tremendously. Our Summer Camp continues to fill to the brim each year, and with four new cabins added this spring, we’re able to welcome more young people than ever. With the support of the Diocese of Madison and the Madison Youth Apostolate, our school year retreat season has grown by leaps and bounds, as well. 

Our programs and events have grown so tremendously, in fact, that more often than not, our Chapel becomes standing room only.

We’re overjoyed to announce that, thanks to the generosity of several Camp families, we’re in the process of expanding the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. The worship space is effectively doubling in size, as we’re going from seven rows of pews to thirteen. Four confessionals being built along the back wall will provide the necessary space to offer the sacrament of reconciliation to our large retreat groups. Also, the chapel will boast a new gathering space with sizable bathrooms and a welcome place to gather after mass, especially during the long, cold winters of Wisconsin.

The waters of our world are only getting rougher, the waves bigger, the winds stronger. We find safety in the Church as we journey towards eternity, and we’re overwhelmed with excitement to welcome you into Camp’s bigger boat. 

The dedication of the expanded St. Francis of Assisi Chapel will be on October 2nd at 1:00pm. His Excellency Bishop Donald J. Hying will be celebrating the dedication Mass, leading us as we strengthen our vessel. Expanding our boat will allow us to welcome more and more people on the journey. More information to come, but please save the date, as all are welcome– and all will fit!