By: Colleen Dunn

Happy Advent Everyone! I hope it has been a time of great preparation with family and faith communities.  We all had a relaxing week with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and are now ready to gear up for the feast of Christmas!  So far we have been growing together with a lot of prayer, reflection, doing different jobs around camp, and lots of community hang out time!

Throughout the fall we were on the go non-stop, doing a lot of cool things, and meeting awesome kids who got to experience camp.  It was an amazing time for all of us to experience Christ through the service work we did.  Now that the season has slowed down for just a bit, we thought it would be good to reflect on our fall season.  With this task, the main focus was looking at Camp Gray’s mission statement: “Camp Gray invites people of all ages to encounter Jesus Christ in all creation, experience a fun and vibrant Catholic community, and be challenged to ever more deeply know, love and serve God and neighbor.”

I personally enjoyed this time to focus on the mission the team lives out while being here at Camp Gray.  I found words that stuck out for me, like fun, vibrant, serve and love. Which words stand out for you?!  Camp is a great place to learn about our faith, whether you are a camper, parent, chaperone, team member, or full time staff.  We can all encounter Christ and then are moved to spread his love to others.  It was a great time for me to reflect in this Advent season, as I am preparing my heart to celebrate when the love of Christ came into the world.  I encourage you all to do the same!!  Pray, reflect, serve and share in community with family and friends to gear up for this beautiful feast.  Enjoy your ADVENTure! =)

There are some awesome events we are looking forward to at camp, one being the Explorer reunion! It will be a weekend full of fun, games, hanging out, and reuniting with friends from Explorer Village this summer! We are also hitting the road on a travel retreat to St. William’s parish in Janesville, which will be a great time to keep sharing in our faith, and making some new friends!!

Peace and God Bless!