LIT’s lead the way!

The Leader-in-Training program is a 3-week leadership development program that will challenge your socks off. As a LIT you’ll learn what it takes to be a great leader and you’ll grow in knowledge of the Catholic faith. LIT’s must apply to be a part of the program. Applications will be found on the LIT page of the CG website once registration goes live!

The Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program is a 3 week leadership development program. You will be challenged to step into a new role at camp: the role of a servant-leader. You will learn a ton — practical things such as behavior management skills, child development, appropriate discipline, how to lead games and songs, Camp Gray policies and procedures, and how to interact and grow with one another in positive, healthy ways.

The first week of LIT’s is like a mini-staff training week.  You’ll grow together as an LIT community and learn from experienced staff members. During the second week of the program, you’ll shadow a counselor and help out with his/her cabin group. In the third and final week of the program, you’ll take more of a leadership role with your cabin group, being a counselor-for-a-day.  Camp Gray staff members will always be present to help answer any questions or give advice if needed.  You’ll also get a chance to experience the other responsibilities that go on behind the scenes at camp including: kitchen, maintenance, program staff, and store.

LIT’s stay in the same cabins as the other campers. The male LIT’s will stay with their cabin groups in their individual cabins and the female LIT’s typically share a room in Vinnies.  You will have two hours a day off (just like Camp Gray staff) and will be able to be unsupervised as you move about camp (provided your parents sign a permission form.) The LIT’s have a special lounge area in the St. Clare Cabin where they can relax, rest, and talk.  Every day, you will meet with your supervisor to process the day and go over any issues.

*Note, LIT’s do not stay at Camp Gray over the weekends. They go home each week on Friday after the parent program, and then return on Sunday afternoon before the next session begins.

There are two 3-week LIT sessions during the summer.  One runs sessions 2-4 and the other runs sessions 6-8.  Check the session chart for the dates of these programs.

NOTE: LIT applicants do not register until they’ve been accepted into the program.

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