Camp Gray is Open Year-Round!

The rumor is true, Camp Gray is open year-round! With several retreats and events going on all year long, there is truly something for everyone. You don’t want to wait until summer to come back to Camp Gray? Perfect! We can’t wait that long to see you! Check our School Year Retreats and Events page for details.

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The Cassidy Games

From humble beginnings, Camp Gray’s Cassidy Games has grown into a highlight for campers and staffers alike. Full of pageantry, goofiness, and fun, the Cassidy Games is a week-long competition taking place during every session of Summer Camp (except Mini Camp), as well as during the occasional winter retreat.

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Camp Gray Films

Launched in the Fall of 2010, the Camp Gray youtube channel has since had over 50,000 views. We invite you to subscribe to the channel and to check back often, as the Camp Gray Films Team has some fun and exciting projects in the works!

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Walter’s Hub-Blub

Walter has gathered into this “hub-blub” many of the ways that we at Camp Gray attempt to keep YOU connected to our mission 365 days a year! Get it? The Hub-Blub? Because Walter’s a fish and goes blub and it’s like ‘hubbub'... Enjoy!

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Walter’s Hub-Blub

“Get it? The Hub-Blub? Because Walter’s a fish and goes blub and it’s like ‘hubbub.'”  – B. For decades, all those that ...

Wish Wish Wish

As a non-profit, Camp Gray relies on the generosity of donors. Your donations allow us to continue positively impacting the lives of ...

News & Announcements Archive

We invite you to enjoy some of the big news and announcements from the recent past. Check out the updated schedule for ...

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Tomorrow’s History Today

By: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

I don’t remember what we were looking for, but I remember what we found. It was a few years back – during the era whilst we were crammed like sardines in Camp’s former office.

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What our campers & families have to say:

What a great feeling for a parent to know that their kids will hang on to these positive memories forever. May God bless all of you!

– Parent Evaluation Quote #3

My children were returned better than when I dropped them off. They seemed to remember their manners and bragged about gold toilet seats and dust pans (I didn’t know they knew how to clean!)

– Parent evaluation quote #2

I love how you take something like riding horses in a circle and add Simon Says to it. Take canoeing and add balls in the water. Serve pudding and remove the use of hands. Everything you do, you up the degree of fun!

– Parent evaluation quote #1