At the heart of the work of XMT is relationship, with Christ, his Church, and others. The work is not for the faint of heart. XMT missionaries will work hard to meet the needs of teens in the 11 counties of southwest Wisconsin. To accomplish this important work, the XMT strives to be great in the little things, knowing it will prepare the ground for God to work.

One of the most unique things about a year of service on the Xavier Mission Team is the CITY/CAMP dynamic. For part of the year, missionaries will live and serve on the grounds of Camp Gray making use of 225 of the most beautiful acres in the Diocese. The Camp months will be some of the most delightful, in early fall and late spring. For the other part of the year, missionaries will call Madison their home base and work out of the Diocesan offices. While missionaries will spend a good amount of time on the road visiting teens on Sundays and Wednesdays, the city will be the backdrop for day to day work and prayer.

What does the Xavier Mission Team Do?

The Xavier Mission Team (XMT) will:

  • provide energetic, supplemental support for teens within parishes in the Diocese of Madison.
  • provide better formation for high school teens throughout the Diocese.
  • continue to foster a Diocesan wide community of teens, connecting young people and fostering friendships rooted in Christ.
  • bring new life and energy into the Diocese.

  • Qualifications to be on XMT
    • Be a practicing Catholic.
    • Like working with teens.
    • Be excited about sharing the Catholic faith.
    • Have a desire to live in community and commit to a daily habit of prayer.
    • Ideally would be 21 or older come September.
  • Xavier Missionaries Receive
    • $900 Monthly Stipend
    • Room, Board, and Grocery $
    • Spiritual formation.
    • Education in Catholic theology.
    • Practical (resume building) experience in many areas of work throughout the Diocese.