What is the Strength for the Journey, Growing Our Legacy of Family and Faith Campaign?

Our community campaign entitled Strength for the Journey, Growing Our Legacy of Family and Faith is a $6 million project that will help fund a new dining hall, a new gym, resurfacing of our roads and a renovated athletic field. This expansion and renovation project will allow us to increase the number of campers served every summer to 1,500 (200 more kids than we are able to serve now!) and create more opportunities to expand capacity for more program offerings – and more life-changing experiences.

Why is the campaign needed? What are the project’s priorities?

Since opening more than 60 years ago, Camp Gray’s attendance has increased steadily until 2010, when we reached our full capacity of 1,300 summer campers. Since then, our waitlist has grown to more than 200 hopeful campers. Limited to accepting only the campers we are able to shelter, feed and keep active indoors during inclement weather, we have had to turn these 200 campers away every year for the last four years.

The age and disrepair of the dining hall, one of our most important buildings, is also an issue. Too small, old and failing, it faces significant, costly repairs to key components. Lastly, we are in dire need of an indoor gym. While campers and parents consistently praise the Camp Gray experience, the need for a new dining hall and lack of an indoor gym, as well as the need for additional camper capacity, are our most critical needs.

What financial support does the Diocese of Madison provide Camp Gray?

Camp Gray currently receives $120,000 annually from the Diocese of Madison through the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA), which is used for ongoing capital improvements.

Are you concerned about approaching the same potential donors as in the past?

Past giving is a key indicator of a donor’s interest and investment. Camp Gray has not had a capital campaign since 2002, so a sufficient amount of time has passed, and our campaign leadership is confident that our community will embrace this project and see its importance.

Will you have named giving opportunities?

Yes, named giving opportunities are available. Please contact Camp Gray Executive Director Jeff Hoeben at 608-356-8200 for a current list of those still available.

How can I make a gift to the campaign?

Camp Gray will accept one-time or multi-year (up to a five-year pledge period) pledges electronically, face-to-face, or through the mail.

What will happen to a gift if the campaign does not reach its goal?

We are confident that the campaign will be successful. However, if the campaign does not reach its full goal, the project design details will be scaled according to the new budget.

Will Camp Gray’s activities be reduced during the project?

Our top priority is enriching the spiritual lives of our campers. While we will do all we can to minimize any disruption of the Camp Gray experience during the project, some operational pattern changes may be necessary. Our committed Camp Counselors will do all they can to minimize any potential disruptions and our goal will be to complete the project as quickly as possible.