What is Alumni Giving Day?

Alumni Giving Day, to be held on October 4th, is a special day that we’re asking anyone in the Camp Gray family to give back to Camp Gray.  We’re abundantly grateful for the support our alumni have shown in the past, and we wouldn’t be the Camp we are today had it not been for the great sacrifices our alums have made. As we look to the future, we are dreaming big to ensure that Camp Gray continues to thrive, and that it continues to impact thousands of young people each year.
We need your help.

Who is an Alumni?

EVERYONE! We have a saying ’round these parts that if you come to Camp Gray for a day you leave part of the family. So, Alumni Giving Day is anyone who is part of the Camp Gray family which includes, but is not limited to: former or current campers, former or current staffers, families, friends, donors, benefactors, and supporters of Camp Gray.

What is the Goal of Alumni Giving Day & How do I Give?

We are asking people to make Camp part of their annual giving. While we do not have a set monetary goal for this year, we are continuously astonished by the generosity and support of our Camp community. So here is what you can do:

If you pledged last year, we are asking you to do at least one of the following:

If you have not pledged, we are asking you to consider giving today! Click the ‘Donate Now’ below or if paying by cash or check fill out a Pledge Form!

If you have questions about planned giving, gift opportunities, or know of other ways you can help our campaign, please contact Jeff at (608) 356-8200 or jeff@campgray.com

Thank you, friends!

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How will my Gift Help?

Your gift will go towards our Strength for the Journey campaign. Launched in early 2016, the SFTJ campaign has raised more than $5 million. With a goal of raising just over $6 million, the campaign has already funded our new St. John Paul II Dining Hall, and the Ark our new gymnasium. The campaign will also fund improvements to our athletic field, and resurfacing of Camp’s roads. We’re humbled and grateful for the success of the Strength for the Journey campaign so far, but there is still a little more than $1 million to raise! To reach our goal, we’ll need the support of all alums!

Past AGD Success

Our first ever Alumni Giving Day helped us to raise just over $100,000. We had over 100 people pledge to give $500 (raising over $50,000) which was then matched by a $50,000 donation. These donations helped us to raise the Ark — our new gymnasium which includes a regulation-sized basketball court, a 40′ climbing wall, a concession stand, and a multi-purpose room.

Last year, dozens of people pledged to up their giving and/or to extend their reoccurring gift.

The Ark – Camp Gray’s New Gymnasium

The Ark is Camp’s new 11,000 sq. ft. gymnasium that is home to a regulation-sized basketball court, a 40′ climbing wall, a concession stand, and more. Check out this video for a virtual tour!

More than 3,000 young people take part in a Camp Gray experience during the school year (in addition to the 1,300 that join us during the summer). This large indoor facility will allow us to offer more retreats and events all year-round, allowing us to impact even more young people. Additionally, the gym will serve as a phenomenal indoor space during inclement weather during both the summer and our year-round retreat season.

Spread the Word!

To reach our goal on Alumni Giving Day, and to reach our ultimate goal of raising $6 million, we’ll need everyone’s support!
Please spread the word about Alumni Giving Day, and please spread the word about the Strength for the Journey campaign. Please tell your Camp Gray friends, your families, and anyone else that recognizes the great value that Camp Gray provides for the future of the Church.

Pray for our Success

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, prayer for the success of the Strength for the Journey campaign has been, to put it simply, enormously instrumental. Prayer is a powerful thing, friends, and we’d be abundantly grateful if you would join us in praying the Strength for the Journey Campaign Prayer, which can be found below.

Strength for the Journey Campaign Prayer
Lord, we come before You this day in thanksgiving for Your constant presence, love, and direction throughout this campaign. Help us to cooperate with Your will in this undertaking and not labor in vain. Open our hearts that we would be receptive to your guidance. Send Your spirit upon us that we would discern well the mission entrusted to us. For our perseverance in Your grace, we praise You. For continued strength on this journey, we seek You. For the generous gifts of our benefactors, we humbly thank You.
May the good work You have begun be brought to completion through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact Jeff Hoeben at 608-356-8200 or email at: jeff@campgray.com.

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