What is Alumni Giving Day?

Alumni Giving Day, to be held on October 4th, is a special day that we’re asking Camp Gray Alumni (and friends!) to give back to Camp Gray. We’re abundantly grateful for the support our alumni have shown in the past, and we wouldn’t be the Camp we are today had it not been for the great sacrifices our alums have made. As we look to the future, we are dreaming big to ensure that Camp Gray continues to thrive, and that it continues to impact thousands upon thousands of young people each year.
We need your help.

What is the goal of Alumni Giving Day & How do I give?

With a matching gift of $50,000 on the table, our goal is to raise another $50,000.
We’re accepting pledges up to 5 years. Thanks for making Camp Gray a part of your long term giving.

To make a multi-year pledge, you may either download and fill out a pledge form by clicking on the Download Pledge Form button OR click the Donate Now button and you’ll have the opportunity to input how long you’d like your reoccurring donation to last. If you’re looking to make a one-time donation, you may do that immediately by clicking the Donate Now button (thanks in advance!). To ensure that we tally all of our gifts for Alumni Giving Day in real time, if you’re planning on sending in a pledge form, will you please email Jeff (jeff@campgray.com) to let him know your pledge plans.

Thank you, friends!

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How will my gift help?

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Your gift will go towards our Strength for the Journey campaign. Launched in early 2016, the SFTJ campaign has raised more than $4 million. With a goal of raising $6 million, the campaign has already funded our new St. John Paul II Dining Hall, which we opened in May. It will also fund the construction of the new gym, improvements to our athletic field, and resurfacing of Camp’s roads. We’re humbled and grateful for the success of the Strength for the Journey campaign so far, but there is still lots of work to go! To reach our goal, we’ll need the support of all alums!

Be a part of the “Friends of Francis!”

Who are the “Friends of Francis”?

The “Friends of Francis” are those that pledge to give $100 a year for 5 years.
If 100 alums pledge to give $100 per year (that’s only $8 a month!) for 5 years, we’ll reach our goal of $5,000 in no time!

Learn more here:

Why does Camp Gray need a new gymnasium?

Camp’s current gymnasium has played host to countless wonderful memories over the years. However, as you likely know, the gym has seen much better days. Built in 1965 at a cost of $2,400, the gym was built for summertime use only. More than 3,000 young people take part in a Camp Gray experience during the school year (in addition to the 1,300 that join us during the summer). This large indoor facility will allow us to offer more retreats and events all year-round, allowing us to impact even more young people. Additionally, the gym will serve as a phenomenal indoor space during inclement weather during both the summer and our year-round retreat season.

Spread the word!

To reach our goal on Alumni Giving Day, and to reach our ultimate goal of raising $6 million, we’ll need everyone’s support!
Please spread the word about Alumni Giving Day, and please spread the word about the Strength for the Journey campaign. Please tell your Camp Gray friends, your families, and anyone else that recognizes the great value that Camp Gray provides for the future of the Church.


Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact Jeff Hoeben at 608-356-8200 or email at: jeff@campgray.com.

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